How It Works

Once your issuer bank or financial institution has registered you for CMO, all you need to do is follow the steps below to get started!!


Visit AppStore or Google Play, search for "CMO" and download the app.

Once downloaded, follow a few simple steps to activate the app and you’re ready to start making payments.

Requesting an OTP can be done as many times as needed. You can instantly get an OTP:

By swiping the “Request OTP” tab from the main menu, or by sending the word “OTP” to +9613663400 via SMS. If so, go to the app's side menu and set the option "OTP Via SMS in login screen" to "On" to make this feature appear on the app Homepage.

In all cases, once requested, your OTP will be sent to your mobile phone as a text message within seconds.

Even if you forget to request an OTP before starting a transaction, you can still request an OTP during your transaction (on-the-spot) – this will not alter or disrupt your transaction in any way.

From the main menu, choose whether you want to:


 Pay your deliveries in advance (Merchants)

From the Merchants list, CMO gives you a variety of stores and restaurants to choose from that deliver to your doorstep.
After selecting your preferred merchant, call and place your order on the phone, then tell the agent you'd like to pay with CMO. The agent will then ask for your mobile number and OTP (which you will have requested beforehand or on-the-spot using the “Request OTP” option).
Within a few seconds you'll get an SMS notifying you that your payment has been processed!

Make a Person-to-Person transfer (P2P)

Send money to another registered CMO user instantly. To successfully complete a P2P transaction, you must enter the following details:
Currency of the amount you are transferring (available currencies are USD/LBP).
Amount that you want to transfer.
Recipient mobile number of a registered CMO user (like yourself) that you are transferring money to.
OTP which is your one-time-password to authenticate the transaction.
Within a few seconds both you and the recipient will get an SMS notifying you that the transfer has been made!

Withdraw cash without a card (Cardless ATM)

Get a 10 digit cardless code that allows you to withdraw cash at a CMO participating ATM as an alternative to your actual card. To successfully complete a Cardless ATM transaction, you must enter the following details:
Currency of the amount you would like to withdraw (available currencies are USD/LBP).
Amount that you want to withdraw when you visit any CMO participating ATM (amounts are in multiples of 20).
OTP which is your one-time-password to authenticate the transaction.

Once you submit the above info, you'll receive a 10 digit cardless code via SMS within seconds. Next, visit the nearest ATM, select the option "Cardless ATM", and follow the usual steps of an ATM transaction to get your money! Just make sure the amount selected at the ATM is the exact amount specified during the previous step (when requesting a cardless code through the app).

Transfer Money Internationally With Moneygram (Moneygram Transfers)

CMO now lets you transfer money around the globe. Create your CashUnited ID in-app (unless you already have one), log into the service, select the country, the amount to be transferred and enter the recipient’s information. Confirmation notifications will assure you of the transfer’s success…that’s all it takes!


After submitting all the correct information, you'll always get an SMS to let you know your payment has been made - that’s all it takes!
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