How It's Used

With a few easy taps, using CMO will take your payment experience to a whole new level while maintaining the utmost standard of security and simplicity.

How It Works

Getting Started: Once your issuer bank has registered you for CMO, all you need to do is follow the steps below to start using its services! BECOME A USER

Our News

13 February 2015
If you're an Rd CHAMPION or HERO Visa cardholder, guess what? You're also a CMO user! You can pay for your...
06 February 2015
Don't have time to pick up the birthday cake? Stuck at home with no late night dessert? CMO is here to make...
30 January 2015
Are you a FRIEND or are you FAMILY at Zaatar w Zeit? Either one, CMO welcomes you to its family! With your...
23 January 2015
Use CMO to get a cardless code via SMS and then use that code at the ATM to withdraw your cash. You'll never...
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