01 How do I open a CMO account?
You can create a CMO account at your bank and then download the app from AppStore or Google Play.
02 What currency should my CMO account be in?
It can be linked to either a USD or LBP account.
03 How do I activate the CMO app?
Once you download the app, type in your mobile number as a first step and you'll get a password via SMS to use for your first-time login. Once logged in, follow the steps to change your password, then login again with your new password to start using CMO’s services.
04 What happens if I forget my login password?
Call CMO’s hotline number and ask the agent to reset your password. You'll get the new password via SMS.
Any time you reset your password, you will have to change it the first time you use it to log in.
05 What is an OTP?
"OTP" is short for One-Time-Password. It is a randomly generated numeric password that is sent to your mobile number within seconds of requesting it. Any CMO transaction you make requires a unique OTP to be completed successfully.
06 How long will my OTP be valid?
Your OTP will expire after 30 minutes from the time it’s generated. Keep in mind that only one OTP is valid at any given time, i.e. if you request more than one OTP, the last OTP requested is the only valid OTP that will authenticate the transaction - all OTPs requested before that will be disabled.
07 What if I don’t get the OTP on-the-spot?
If, at any point during the payment transaction, you do not receive your OTP, you can request a new one as many times as necessary - this will not alter or disrupt your transaction in any way.
08 When I make a CMO transaction, how will I know that it was successful?
No matter what CMO transaction you make, you will get an SMS notification on the spot once the payment is processed.
09 When someone sends me money (P2P), when will I get them?
Transactions are instant. Both the sender and recipient will get an SMS confirmation that the transfer has been made successfully.
10 Will my Cardless code expire?
Yes; after 48 hours from making a Cardless ATM transaction and not using the Cardless code to withdraw your cash.
11 What happens if my Cardless code expires before I withdraw my money?
If you do not withdraw your money within 48 hours, the full amount will be automatically reversed back to your account.
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